Friday, February 8, 2019

Follow Yeshua Messiah Ministries and add Our You Tube and God Tube on Your Roku TV

Click here to view and add the Yeshua Messiah Ministries You Tube Channel to Roku TV.
Adding Our Channel: Go to You Tube Channel on your Roku device, and copy our URL (Click Here) into your You Tube Subscriptions and Save.

Click here to view and Add the Yeshua Messiah Ministries God Tube Channel to Roku TV.
keep in mind The God Tube Channel will be a Non-Certified App addition to you Roku TV.

Private Channels Like God Tube Channel

For a variety of reasons, not every channel is available through Roku's official channel store. Some offer adult content, while others simply don't want to jump through the hoops required for an official listing. Still, private channels are safe, useful and a little offbeat.
Since every private channel works a little differently, there is no one-size-fits-all tutorial on how to install them. Sites like RokuGuide do an admirable job compiling them, but it's not necessarily comprehensive.
As an example, we'll use PlayOn: an excellent media server app that actually comes preinstalled on some newer Roku systems. If it's not on yours, though, you can get it by visiting the PlayOn site and searching for Roku in the Devices section.
Click on "Add the private PlayOn" channel, sign into your Roku account, and click "Yes, Add Channel." Your Roku should now automatically download it, although you may have to restart the device first.